Business Fields

Building on the technology and expertise we have accumulated since our establishment, TAKAHATA contributes to its customers' business by sophisticated manufacturing, and has built a strong reputation and customer trust.
Aiming for further growth in the global market, TAKAHATA is actively expanding into new areas including medical treatment, nursing care, and environment-related operations. We will continue to increase our corporate strength by offering new values as a comprehensive R&D manufacturing company.

TAKAHATA Business Fields

With core competencies in high-precision metal mold design and manufacturing, precision measurement, and related molding technology, TAKAHATA offers a wide range of products and services worldwide, ranging from automotive parts, OA equipment, optical equipment, residential facilities parts, measuring equipment, and medical care equipment.

Automotive parts

OA equipment

Optical equipment

Residential facilities parts

Measuring equipment

Medical care equipment

Core Technology

Processing technology (molding die, precision molding, abrasives)

Evaluation, Analysis, Measurement

Assembly, Installation