Core Values

4 Core Values

Monozukuri = Creating people (Hitozukuri)

Outstanding technology and outstanding quality both depend entirely on people. TAKAHATA bases its corporate philosophy on its human assets since quality manufacturing depends on people above all else. To deploy our standard of manufacturing that today's world demands on a global scale TAKAHATA established a global system of human resources training. This system is designed to maintain and improve our advanced expert technology and our expertise in areas such as high-precision metal mold design and fabrication technology.

Additionally, we are also establishing structures that will allow us to deploy the expertise we have accumulated to date to our corporate Group by moving ahead with the use of IT in metal mold design as well as introduce databases and standardize the evaluation process for metal mold fabrication. Creating products means creating people. Based on this idea, which has remained unchanged since our establishment, TAKAHATA will continue to contribute to society through creating products from a platform built on technology, quality, and human assets.

Total solutions the TAKAHATA way

As a pioneer of engineering plastics, TAKAHATA supplies leading manufacturers in a wide range of sectors, from automotive parts, OA equipment, optical equipment, residential facilities parts, measuring equipment, and medical care equipment.

With our flexible approach that refuses to be limited by established modes of thinking and an integrated production system that draws on the resources of all Group companies, we have earned a strong reputation and high trust among customers around the world. We achieve high value-added in our manufacturing by offering total solutions unavailable elsewhere. This is based on development capabilities in high-precision technology, which are backed by unique supporting technologies and also a system integrating all processes from development design through to production, product evaluation, and quality assurance. Thanks to our track record, we are frequently involved in the customer's business operations as a development partner from the design stage. To develop as a comprehensive R&D manufacturing company that supports manufacturers around the world, TAKAHATA is reinforcing its production system on a global basis.

All to satisfy the customer

We aim to respond accurately, flexibly, and immediately to increasingly diverse customer needs. To strengthen the TAKAHATA global brand amid the changing economic and business climate worldwide, we must increase our cost-competitiveness and ability to deliver high value-added products and services even more quickly and with higher quality.

At TAKAHATA, all Group staff ranging from sales and development design, to production, quality assurance, and right through to procurement and distribution, work closely with customers and strive to bring improvement and evolution to their field of work on a daily basis. In this way, we ensure that our manufacturing responds to real needs and we do all we can to help our customers' business operations to succeed. As we expand our operations, every one of us at TAKAHATA strives to maintain a strong sense of professionalism so as to inspire confidence and continue to be the customer's first choice.

Innovate new concepts Perseverance is the key

TAKAHATA succeeds in projects where other companies have failed. Such success is rooted in TAKAHATA's enterprising spirit and willingness to embrace change. When faced with an unfamiliar request or a difficult task, before examining its feasibility as a project, we are keen to take up the challenge without worrying about failure. Our exacting standards and enthusiasm for manufacturing have remained a constant in more than 80 years since our establishment.

Today, TAKAHATA has greatly expanded its business domain, forming alliances with the customers to propose new product development, carry out joint operations, or sending guest engineers to work on joint development. By leveraging the component technologies which we have perfected over time, mechanical structures, airtight technology, assembly, and molding and fusing them with state-of-the-art electronics, we continue to take on the challenge of new technologies and new fields of operation.