Aiming to advance globally as a multi-skilled company with both R&D and manufacturing capabilities

Corporate Philosophy

Integral Components of TAKAHATA: Technology, Quality, and Human Assets

Medium-Term Vision

Targets Growth as a manufacturer. A globally-recognized brand
Target scale of operations by 2016. Consolidated net sales: US$550 million

Ethics Policy

  1. Conduct fair and just business operations in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other social norms.
  2. Make valuable contributions to society by supplying safe products and services of the highest quality.
  3. Provide and ensure a workplace environment based on respect for human rights.
  4. Value the trust of our customers and keep a good and sound relationship with them.
  5. Engage in philanthropic and other social activities that will benefit society together with
    the local communities.
  6. Contribute in realizing a sustainable society by promoting global environmental protection activities.
  7. Respect and contribute to the local cultures and customs of people in the different countries and regions where we conduct business.
  8. Disclose fair and timely corporate information to the general public.
  9. Take a determined stance against anti-social groups and adamantly refuse any demands made
    by such groups.

Corporate Code of Conduct

1. Rules for business operations

1. Safety of products and services

We will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding the safety of our products in every area of R&D, manufacturing and marketing. To gain the trust of our customers and offer complete satisfaction, we will also pay close attention to the quality of products and services we provide.

2. Handling of claims

We will respond with sincerity to any claim or complaint raised by our customers in regard to the products and services we provide. Should a defective product be detected, or should a product flaw cause damage to our customers or consumers, we will make every effort to investigate the causes and take immediate preventive measures to reduce the risk of any recurrence of such incidents.

3. Free competition and fair trade

We shall undertake no business transactions which might be contrary to the Antimonopoly Law and other laws and regulations, or which could inhibit free and fair competition.

4. Fair relations with customers

We will not offer or receive business entertainment or gifts exceeding acceptable social norms. If the company acknowledges such a need, the proper procedure will be followed.

5. Relationships with public officials and politicians

We will not offer any bribe, nor will we give any interest or benefit, including entertainment and gifts to public officials and politicians, for the purpose of obtaining or retaining an improper advantage.

6. Protection of intellectual property rights

We will put the company's confidential information under strict control and will not disclose such information, or have such information leaked, to any third party, whether internal or external, retirees or employees. We will make efforts to secure our intellectual property assets including patent rights, copyrights, design rights and trademarks. In the case of concession of a part of the intellectual property assets to a third party, the correct procedure must be followed. We will respect the corresponding rights of other companies or persons, refraining from deliberately infringing or abusing their rights.

II. Rules for company-employee relationships

1. Compliance of workplace regulations

We will comply with the company's rules, including the work code, when we engage in work and
business operations.

2. Prohibition of discrimination

We will respect each other in the workplace as equal human beings and as human rights holders. We will not tolerate discriminatory treatment or harassment based on nationality, race, gender, social status
and so on.

3. Protection of privacy

We will respect each other's privacy both within and outside the workplace. The most careful and strict handling and control of personal information of employees will be enforced.

4. Workplace safety

We will make every effort to prevent hazards or accidents in the workplace. We will make efforts to
prevent occurrence of labor accidents or work hazards, paying the most careful attention in our daily business operations.

5. Distinction of public-private life

We will not use the company's property for private purposes and will refrain from engaging in private business during working hours. Should there be a need to do so, we will take the proper steps, such as obtaining the permission of the head of the section concerned.

6. Open communication

We will commit ourselves to creating a positive corporate culture in which the initiative and creativity of each member will be respected and utilized to the highest degree. Each member of the organization will strive to build and maintain an open atmosphere of free and honest communication.

III. Relationship with the community

1. Legal compliance

We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning our business operation.

2. Prohibition of insider trading

We will abstain from any trading of our customers' stocks based on information gained through our business relations.

3. Refusal of antisocial entities

We will not have any relationship with antisocial organizations, which pose or could pose threats to the order and safety of society.

4. Environmental preservation measures

Throughout the entire process of our business operations, we will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations concerning environmental preservation in order to reduce possible damage to the environment.

5. Contribution to local communities

As corporate citizens, we will participate positively in local community activities, building up and
maintaining strong relationships.