Development technology

Ease of use is a key consideration during the product design process. TAKAHATA strives to adhere to universal design principles in cooperation with customers, considering not only appearance but also users' circumstances by fully utilizing our knowledge of product function and structure.

Product design

Water meter

Large indicator significantly reduces erroneous readings.

This indicator, the industry's largest and clearest, can be rotated through 270° to significantly reduce erroneous readings by ensuring that it can always be read from the front. In addition, it uses a spherical top structure to avoid accumulation of dust and to facilitate easy cleaning by wiping.

External dimensions
190 mm (L) x 104 mm (W) x 94 mm (H)

Joint development

Side rail for medical care bed

Bringing customer requests to bear in the form of an actual product

We work together with customers to consider design requests, application environment, ease of use, and productivity.

PP etc.


Highly durable gearbox

The gear train is packaged based on a customer layout. Research conducted by TAKAHATA included an in-house durability evaluation and noise analysis.

Transporting copier toner

USB winding mechanism

Saving space and reducing costs

This space-saving gear train incorporates time switch technology that has been developed since the 1960s to implement a flat spiral spring design and low-cost assembly-oriented design.

Direct printer for digital cameras

Noodle cutter

Compliance with the Food Sanitation Law

The number of parts has been reduced for production efficiency, and molds used comply with Japan's Food Sanitation Law.

Noodle-making machine for home use