Mold technology

Our highly skilled design team proposes the optimal gate position and shape by performing a flow analysis based on a comprehensive database. In addition, we are able to manufacture high-quality, high-productivity molds that offer excellent mass-production maintainability thanks to cutting-edge facilities and a large engineering staff. TAKAHATA mold technology makes it possible to produce high-value-added products by integrating multiple parts.


Fuel supply unit part

Integrating multiple parts

We're proud of our ability to accommodate the full range of customer requests with sophisticated design and processing technologies. Our ability to manipulate sliding parts in 17 directions inside a single mold enables an integrated product structure composed of multiple parts.

160 mm dia.

Audio components for automobiles

Delivering high mold accuracy and strength

By applying technology developed through manufacturing molds for camera parts to a sliding-core mold structure to accommodate a bellows-shaped inner wall, we achieved mold accuracy and strength for the same wall thickness.

80 mm dia.

Active cylinder for digital camera

A part with high accuracy of 3 µm or less

The positional shift between each slide is 2 µm or less. The inner wall's high-precision cam slot shape is made possible by a sliding-core mold structure.

30 to 150 mm dia.

Toner transfer unit for copier

Advanced technology for mold modification and molding

Advanced technology for mold modification makes possible the high positional accuracy of bearings. In addition, these units are manufactured using highly reproducible molding technology that achieves positional accuracy of 0.05 mm or less at pitches of 300 mm.

330 mm × 180 mm × 200 mm
Positional accuracy of 0.05 mm or less

Diesel filter cap

Accommodating customer requests

Advanced design and processing technologies that satisfy customer requirements make possible complex molds with two unscrewing holes, one inside slide, and five-direction slide functionality.

PA66 with G30%
100 mm dia. × 70 mm

Toner transport tube

Flexibility enables us to accommodate shapes that are usually considered to be impossible to produce with molds.

A rotary slide mechanism incorporated into the mold helps create a curved tube with a curvature radius of 50 mm.

PPE alloy
15 mm dia. × 40 mm long

Special machining

Five-axis CNC machining center

This powerful machining center is used to manufacture products for which three-axis tools cannot be used.

Our factory has one of the world's fastest five-axis CNC machining centers that can be used to manufacture products such as vane wheels and impellers for which three-axis machine tools cannot be used. The device can manufacture prototypes of metal and resin products requiring short delivery times and shorten machining lead times for mold part manufacture.

Manufacturer name
GF AgieCharmilles
Model number

NC hobbing machine

Machining JIS Class 0 electrodes

TAKAHATA's highly skilled engineering team has successfully used this machine, which manufactures electrodes used for molds for resin gears and is used to machine tool-cut resin gears, to machine JIS Class 0 electrodes.

Manufacturer name
Hamai Co., Ltd.
Model number