Production technology

TAKAHATA is adept at developing facilities that comply with strict quality requirements (from the standpoint of functionality and performance) and optimal productivity. We excel at formulating highly functional and highly productive assembly processes, establishing smooth production systems that are linked to product design and mold design sections, and rolling them out worldwide. We are committed to satisfying customer requirements through total capability.

Water meter

Reaching a monthly production volume of 300,000 products thanks to highly efficient processes

We have established highly efficient automated lines by implementing automatic assembly of gear trains composed of more than 10 pieces and by automating printing, vacuum-sealing, and other secondary processes.

300,000 products per month

Electronic pen

OEM production processes

In addition to using sophisticated, high-precision inspection equipment that satisfies customer requirements, TAKAHATA offers OEM production services.

Actuator assembly line

Direct linkage to assembly processes for higher efficiency

Molded products are directly transferred from molding machines to assembly processes, and automatic assembly helps cut down on manpower requirements.

Heat-exchange equipment

Providing cost reduction technologies

We have introduced vibration welding technology that helps customers slash costs in China, Malaysia, Japan, and other markets worldwide.

Flow control valve unit

Assembly facilities with higher levels of accuracy

We have developed assembly facilities capable of precise and sensitive assembly as well as inspection equipment for verifying precise flow rate and pressure performance.

Gear for electric power steering

Full automation for smooth molding

We have established fully automated molding lines including processes for defatting and heating of metal inserts, installation of inserts into molds, ejection of products, and gate processing using lathes.