Reliability assessment

Contract product manufacturing is not TAKAHATA's only job. We also offer various reliability testing services such as continuity and insulation inspections, endurance testing, leak testing, heat cycle testing, and hydrostatic testing. We have developed testing facilities suitable for complex designs and specifications and daily perform tests conceived to maintain high levels of quality over extended periods of time.

Water meter endurance test equipment

Guaranteeing long-term accuracy

In order to guarantee accuracy over periods as long as eight years, we conduct various types of endurance testing. Sakaigawa Head Office's water meter endurance test facility, the most advanced facility of its kind in Asia, can perform endurance testing of meters ranging in size from 13 mm up to 350 mm.

Leak check

Inspecting products to ensure conformity with specifications

Media such as air, water, helium, and hydrogen are used to comply with product specifications. Even products with complex designs can be tested by modifying the facility's equipment. Differential pressure equipment serves as the primary means of detection.

Heat cycle test

Observing resin properties

TAKAHATA is capable of observing the effects of sudden temperature and humidity changes, which severely affect resin properties. Resins under test are alternately exposed to high- and low-temperature environments to observe property changes due to temperature variations.