TAKAHATA's Technology

The World Recognizes TAKAHATA's Innovative and Intellectual Technology

With over 80 years of experience, TAKAHATA is a leading company in the field of engineering plastics. Based on our technological capabilities as a manufacturing company and our business philosophy of "Technology, Quality, and Human Assets," we have developed an in-house, integrated production system that extends from development and design to molding die fabrication, molding, precision measurement, assembly, evaluation, and quality assurance. Our ability to combine a high level of precision, quality, and added value as only a technology-driven company can earns us high praise from customers worldwide representing a broad range of fields and industries, including automotive parts, optical devices, and medical and household equipment.

Integrated production system extending from development and design to assembly and evaluation

A team of dedicated engineers driven to overcome challenges

In a world where technology evolves from day to day, TAKAHATA is constantly striving to rise to challenges presented by new fields and technologies. Our development of smart meters for water utilities is an example of this approach in action. Taking advantage of our proven machinery, airtight, and molding technologies, we are currently working with a U.K.-based developer of smart meters to develop a revolutionary smart meter that will make possible new infrastructure in the form of an intelligent water network. We're actively working to apply our technologies globally in an effort to build unique business models while combining state-of-the-art electronics technologies with our core technological base.

Furthermore, we've undertaken a number of initiatives to enter new fields that diverge dramatically from our traditional business domain under the watchwords of "environment," "energy," and "medical."

For example, in the medical field, we're working with a university to develop a new medical examination device related to oral bacteria. The project, an example of how private industry and academia can pursue partnerships in the field of dentistry, is expected to contribute to healthier, more satisfying lifestyles.

In addition, although we can not yet make an official announcement, TAKAHATA will incorporate new technology in the chemical field and develop products to enter the market in the coming years, and also aim to make multitudes of new developments that will "lead to opening new doors"

A proven past, a promising future: we at TAKAHATA will continue to evolve and perfect our technological capabilities as a manufacturing company so that we can provide new value to the world.